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1. Honoring God
2. Demonstrating God's Love
3. Lifestyle Excellence
4. Excellence in Community Service
5. Excellence in Servanthood

Our mission, both domestic and global, is guided by five simple core values, namely:

Our efforts are designed to provide measurable outcomes in the following five areas, namely:

1. Strong Faith
2. Strong Fervor
3. Strong Families
4. Strong Futures
5. Strong Finances



People touching people! Nurturing, caring, loving, equipping and empowering. That's what Redemptive Life Fellowship is all about!


We are a people ministry, focused upon corporately enhancing quality of life of our local community and individually transforming lives spiritually, socially, educationally and economically. Our mission, both domestic and global, is guided by five simple core values, namely:


Building alone could never adequately expose the true measure of our worth or impact, which unquestionably is best derived from the miraculous testimonies of transformed lives! Thousands of our fellow citizens, locally, regionally, nationally and internationally have been touched, inspired and yes, transformed in some measure through their interaction with a myriad of ministry outreaches.

These outreaches include our weekly worship services, our intensive intercessory prayer sessions, our television ministry, conferences, symposiums and other community initiatives.

For us its all about people; people just being people. Coming just as they are; being transformed into all that they can become! That is our calling! That is our commission! That is our commitment!