Our Daily Bread

Feeding the hungry is the mission at Redemptive Life Fellowship.

There are more and more people in need of help because of America's slow recovery from the economic crisis. This has left families across the country struggling to put food on their tables, with or without a job. Our Daily Bread Food Bank feeds local families in need.Our Target constituency remains those most directly and dramatically impacted by economic adversity, with residential demographics providing verification of residence within generally recognized high percentage below poverty level income constituencies, and or constituencies most directly impacted by the current recessionary trends.

5 Ways you can help support Our Daily Bread Food Program:

1. Sponsor a Family

2. Make a Financial Contribution

3. Organize a Fundraiser

4. Volunteer

5. Help us go viral by logging into your Facebook account and hitting the Like button and suggest us to your friends.Whatever you choose to do, we appreciate your help!


Food Bank pickup is every second and fourth Saturday of every month. Emergent Needs ( fire burn out, crisis involving small children, domestic violence relocation etc) are met on an as needed basis, during our daily building operation hours from 10am - 5pm.


For More information visit our location at 4431 Embarcadero Drive, West Palm Beach FL 33407. If you would like to become a volunteer, contact Fern Miles at 561-429-3586.