The Intercessory Prayer Manual is a byproduct of years of cumulative effort and experience of Pastor Brenda Ray and some of  her prophetic cohorts around the globe.  It is not written as a book, nor should it be read or used as such. It is a tool for effective and successful intervention in, and legislating from, the spirit realm. 


Filled with nearly 400 pages of invaluable resources such as prophetic declarations, teachings, and apostolic instructions, this work is a compilation of spontaneously derived prayers and declarations which have originated in one or more of the thousands of intercessory sessions led by Pastor Brenda, or from prophetic insights unselfishly released into the public domain by prophetic prayer networks known to her to be spiritually mature, prophetically accurate, and imperiously consistent. 


The prayers and teachings compiled in this unprecedented resource tool have accumulated since 2012, after God revealed to Pastor Brenda that the world was transitioning to an age of “The Declaration”, where spirit driven prophetic promulgations from the purview of the spirit realm, directed to the temporal realm, would become more and more prevalent, while simultaneously their manifestation would become more and more swiftly evidenced.


As you utilize this incredible tool, may you experience and enjoy the power of strategic prayer, as it affirmatively impacts your life, your family, your community, your destiny, as well as the destiny of the nations of the world.


The Intercessory Prayer Manual : Hard Cover

    • Hard Cover Book: 371 pages
    • Author: Pastor Brenda J. Ray
    • Release Date: 2017
    • ©2017, Harold Calvin Ray and Redemptive Life Press. All rights
    • reserved.

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