Redemptive Life Fellowship

Accordingly, the diversity of worship opportunities offered by our excellence focused ministry will expand to a multi-campus format. Exciting new locations, responsive to the needs and peculiarities of each location, and led by associate pastoral teams, will similarly emphasize lifestyle excellence! Each location will be equipped with satellite large screens to enable real time interaction with the main campus. 

Worship services will continue to feature culturally relevant, biblically based teaching for affirmative discipleship of all ages. Our core values of Honoring God, Demonstrating Gods Love, and Lifestyle Excellence will be reflected through purpose driven personal, social and community service initiatives which are targeted at improving quality of life for all. 

In similar fashion, our global missions emphasis will continue to assist and help sustain vital outreaches such as orphanages, medical facilities, schools and underground churches in some of the world’s most remote villages in more than eleven countries, on three continents! 

Our worship services seamlessly integrate cultural diversity, contemporary and traditional music, arts, drama and dance. Steeped in strong intercessory prayer, and spontaneous prophetic flow, our services are purposefully directed to engage persons of all ages, ethnicities and races. 

Our core value of “demonstrating the love of God in practical ways” will continue to be partly reflected in outreaches such as our wholly owned, HIS DAILY BREAD FOOD PANTRY, which provides essential food needs for nearly two thousand families each month, and our” Give- A-Gift” love outreach providing millions of dollars of clothing, medical supplies and other personal care items to needy children and families each year. 

We believe a key to sustainability and expansion of our spiritual mission and lifestyle empowering objectives is the discipleship and maturation of a new generation of believers who are eager to be the expression of God’s best in the earth. Accordingly, we shall deliberately move outside of our four walls, effectively engaging young adults, millennials and an arising new generation of youth in interactive, social media supported ministry which resonates with the emerging needs and concerns of that genre.


Join us in our adventurous trek toward globally empowered lifestyle excellence as we focus on becoming the personal and corporate expresson of God’s best in the earth!