Stands for Women In Neighborhoods Networking Effectively Redeeming Souls. As an inspirational arm of the Redemptive Life Fellowship Women’s Department, The WINNERS GROUP has been featured at historic locations such as The Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach, on international cruise ships, and on several nationally televised programs on cable networks. In 1994, The WINNERS GROUP was the first black owned business to open its doors in the Palm Beach Mall, of West Palm Beach(formally owned by Simon’s).


A Legacy of Fashion

Since 1992, the WINNERS Group World Fashion Show has featured Royal World Class Models, including women who have been victims of domestic violence, homelessness and other social disadvantages.  The proceeds of this event benefits families in crisis, provides scholarship assistance to college bound youth, and assists us in providing emergency relief for victims of domestic violence, a malady which I personally endured at a young age.  Other emergency relief efforts include hurricane and disaster relief assistance provided to hundreds of families in our local community.

-Brenda Ray

From its inception, the Winners Group has established a powerful legacy of fashion for individuals of all ages. Engaging the best within every person, The WINNERS GROUP  allows its models the vital opportunity to showcase their God given talent. Charismatic! Vibrant! Fashionable! Delightful! Everyone wins when you join The WINNERS GROUP Fashion tour. As the fire of The WINNERS GROUP Fashion Tour reignites with fervor, we invite you to partner with us in a number of important ways including: Joining our fashion troupe, becoming a future sponsor or vendor, making an in-kind donation  in support of our scholarship fund or other benevolent social endeavors such as assisting women in crisis, food assistances, or by submitting your prayer request for yourself, family or a friend. Thank you in advance. For more information call:

561 429-3586.